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The Vital Importance of Fire Doors

No one wants to think of losing their home in a house fire, but in order to avoid just such a tragedy it is vital that homeowners consider how prepared they are for just such a possibility. Most people know the basics of fire safety: properly working smoke alarms, easily accessible fire extinguishers, practicing escape routes from every room in the house, and a pre-planned meeting point outside of the home that all family members know. What too many homeowners look over, however, is the importance of fire rated doors in the family fire prevention plan.

Fire Statistics

Fire is the 5th leading cause of accidental death and injury in the United States and is the 1st cause of death at home for children under the age of 15. With such a high rate of occurrence it is essential that safety conscious families do all they can to prevent fires and to minimize the danger and damage caused by accidental fires.

The Role of Fire Doors


The leading cause of death during a fire is asphyxiation. We fear the heat and flames, but it is the toxic gases caused by a home fire that are the real killer, by a ratio of 3 to 1. Inhaling those toxic fumes can lead to death within just three minutes. With such a huge threat and so little time to escape it, what can a homeowner do to protect their loved ones? The first line of defense is a working carbon monoxide detector, different than a fire alarm, but just as important. Second, but just as important, are fire rated doors. In the event of a house fire, a fire door is fitted with specially designed intumescent seal which expands and prevents toxic gasses from entering or leaving a room for a specific time range. The fire rated doors at Krosswood are built to withstand a full 20 minutes of fire, giving the residents time to escape.

Types of Fire Doors

Fire doors, just like any other door can be made of either steel or wood. Steel makes sense to many people, but consumers are often surprised that wood fire doors can be just as safe and effective as steel, while maintaining the beauty and style of wood.


These wood doors are made just a little differently than standard interior doors. They have double beveling and thicker tongue panels which increase the time it takes for a fire to burn through a hardwood door.

Installation of Fire Doors


The fit of a fire door in its frame is absolutely essential for the effectiveness of the door in the event of a fire. For this reason it’s best to have your new fire doors hung by a professional contractor to ensure that they work properly. You can purchase high quality fire doors online and have your local contractor install them.

With your new doors installed, your fire and carbon monoxide detectors installed, and your family fire escape plan practiced you can sleep soundly at night knowing you’re prepared.

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