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Doors of Steel

Commercial property owners are looking to accomplish several things with their property. They are looking for profitability, business progress, and protection. The first two are accomplished through good business practices and acumen. The last however, that depends upon wisely choosing the products and services of others. Many businesses employ the services of alarm and security systems to protect their investments. These services are essential to safeguarding an investment property, but while you are looking for those security services don’t forget the basics: commercial quality exterior steel doors.

Why Steel?


Security. Energy Efficiency. Long-lasting. These three qualities make steel doors a top priority consideration for not only commercial property owners but residential homeowners as well.

Steel doors are not easily knocked off their hinges or broken through. The thick steel can be an effective deterrent for petty thieves as well as more experienced robbers. The heaviness of steel doors can also support the weight of a heavier door lock, allowing for greater protection.

Steel doors typically have either a hollow core or a high-density polyurethane foam core. Both help to provide greater energy efficiency to the building they are placed in. Steel doors are also hung in their frames with extreme precision which provides a greater barrier to drafts and moisture.

Steel doors are by far the longest lasting of commercially available doors. They don’t require the same care as wood and they are not as easily dented or damaged as fiberglass. While commercial exterior steel doors from Krosswood come with a 5 year warranty, these high quality doors can last for many, many years beyond that time frame.

Where to Use a Steel Door

The obvious place for an exterior steel door is on the outside of a building. But that doesn’t need to limit a property owner from considering other places where security and longevity are of utmost importance. Here are a few places where a commercial steel door would be the perfect choice:

  • Restroom doors- This is an area where customers are looking for security and quality. In restaurant, store, or business settings the decision to get a quality door can save an owner years of headaches.
  • Hotel room doors- Vacationers like to feel as safe in their hotel rooms as they do in their own homes. A heavy steel door can provide that sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Apartment doors- Most apartment doors are located in an interior space but renters are just as desirous of that sense of security as a traditional home owner. Commercial quality exterior steel doors can provide that security.
  • Office doors- With many business offices housing sensitive information, the protection of that information is a top priority. Office doors made of steel can provide peace of mind.

Steel Style

The perceived downside of steel doors is the lack of style choices. Many people believe that by choosing a steel door they are limited to one or two shades of gray as a color choice. The truth is that steel doors are completely paintable and can easily be painted to match any design scheme. Steel doors have often been used specifically in areas that are painted with full-wall murals. With their strength and stability they have been utilized in zoos, theaters, and schools where they provide the perfect secure canvas for creative interior design.
If you are pursuing a new construction, updating an existing property, or even looking for your own home, steel doors are the secure and lasting option.

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