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Home Security Cameras To Keep Your Home Safe

Home security is one of the main concerns of any homeowner. Good windows, high quality custom doors, and security locks are standard considerations, but have you ever thought of installing a home security camera system? New technology allows a homeowner to connect digitally to their home camera system via Internet or cell phone. Some systems even send automated alerts when any changes occur. Here are some of the top picks for home security systems to keep you and your loved ones safe.

1. Foscam FI9803P

The Foscam is an easy to use, inexpensive, weatherproof home security camera. With Wi-Fi connectivity this camera can record to a hard drive or to the cloud, send you email alerts, and be accessed by a smartphone app. Coming in at only $79.00 this is the most cost effective home security camera on our list.


2. Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 HD

The Fujikam is an affordable indoor security camera option. The two-way audio, plug and play ease of set-up, and it’s internal SD storage card allow the user to utilize this camera for security as well as communication with kids, babysitters, pets, and anyone else who may be in the home. At $99.00 it’s both affordable and efficient.


3. Nest Cam

Nest Cam is probably one of the easiest home security cameras to use and allows a homeowner to view live feed from a high quality digital camera. The Nest Cam offers recorded video as part of a subscription service, and gives you a price break if you add more than one camera in your home. This is a great option for someone who just wants to plug it in and have it work. Nest Cam runs for about $199.00.


4. D-Link HD Wireless N Day/Night Outdoor Cloud Camera (DCS-2330L)

The D-Link Wireless is a user-friendly home security camera that offers several excellent benefits to homeowners. With motion detection, a built-in microphone, Wi-Fi connection and email alerts it gives you an easy way to keep an eye on what’s happening outside of your home or business. Alerts sent to your Web browser or smartphone, and recordings of video and audio to an onboard microSD card allows you to know exactly what’s happening when you’re away. And at $179.99 it’s a good system that won’t break the bank.


5. Icontrol Networks Piper nv

We end our list with a pricier model than our previous suggestions, but don’t be scared away by the price tag. The Piper is more than just a security camera. This handy little device allows you to utilize other Z-Wave home automation devices in your home, giving you the option to control lighting, temperature, door and window sensors, and range extenders from one controller on your smartphone. From your smartphone you can view recent recordings, set security parameters, and make any changes you want to to your home’s comfort settings. At $279.00 it’s not too much to pay for increased home comfort.

An investment in good security can pay a homeowner back in peace of mind for years to come.

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