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Upcycling Your Old Door

You’ve finally decided to get that beautiful, new Uber Doors slabfull lite knotty pine door for your entryway. It’s installed, you’ve got your new summer armchairs out on your front porch, some gorgeous ceramic pottery with plants to add to the charm and now…what are you going to do with that old door you just replace? Sure, you could just haul it away to the landfill, but that seems like a waste. There’s gotta be something cool you could do with it, right? Well, it turns out you are right, there are some incredibly clever, cute, and downright ingenious DIY projects you can do with that old door now taking up space in the corner of your garage. Let’s get started!

The Mini Garden Shed

This is pretty much the most adorable shed we’ve ever seen. With just enough room for rakes, hoes, hose and trowels this could easily fit in the corner of a vegetable or flower garden.


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Unique Blackboard

This clever design takes an old door, refinished the entire piece in distressed blackboard paint, and uses it to create a unique messaging area. It’s not as fast as texting, but it is a lot more fun.


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Old is New Again

Here’s a fabulous look for an old door. This old-fashioned front door has been cut down to fit an interior door frame and replaces the standard interior door. It’s a fabulous way to incorporate the primitive look without adding too many tchochkes that have to be dusted.


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Classic Sofa Look

Now this is just genius. This old door has been cut down, refinished with a dark wood stain and now serves as a classic looking sofa. It’s such a beautiful piece, it might take your guests a few minutes to even realize what your amazing couch is actually made of.


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Distressed Coat Rack

This modern style door has been painted, distressed, stained, and had coat pegs added to turn it into a large scale coat hanger. When there are no coats hung on it it will still make an amazing decor item, adding a rustic, primitive feel to your entryway.


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Repurposed Style Porch Swing

This great design lets you keep that old door just a few steps away from where it started. Add a few colorful cushions and pillows and you’ll have not only a comfortable place to spend a warm summer evening, but a fabulous conversation starter.


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Handpainted Headboards

The way these old doors are reused is just beautiful. The doors have been painted and distressed, then handpainted with a trailing vine design and secured to the wall as headboards to two twin beds. This would be a fabulous guest room decor addition. It’s both classy and artistic.


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Old Door Coffee Table

This mid-century style door has been beautifully remade into a functional coffee table. Short, blocky legs have been added to bring it up to the correct height and the natural wearing of the door has been emphasized with sandpaper. For a flat surface just add a thick piece of glass on top of the door.


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