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Window or No Window for a Front Door?

Windows can be a beautiful addition to any front door. As far as curb appeal, windows make a door look inviting and warm. Uber Doors offers many beautiful entry doors that include both doors with windows and doors without. Here are some reasons you might want to consider a front door with a window and reasons you might not:

Benefits of Having Windows on a Front Door


If you have a dark entryway one of the best ways to lighten it up is by using a door with windows. Having windows that flank either side of the door give a a much more subtle effect than a door completely made out of windows. You can also have a door that only has windows on the top half which also gives a completely different look and feel. Windows on a front door can also add a very modern look if it is done in a very clean and minimalistic way. Windows add an inviting feeling when visitors come to your front door, they get a peek into your home which makes it welcoming and inviting.

Reasons Not Having Windows for a Front Door


One of the obvious reasons that you might want a front door with windows is privacy. If you are worried about strangers coming to your door and looking inside to see if you are home, this might be a reason to go with a solid door. One way you can keep privacy but keep light coming in is by using sheer drapes to cover the windows. Also, if you live in a hotter climate you might want to limit the amount of sun that comes directly into your home. If the front of your home has an exposure that allows direct sunlight think about using a solid door or tinted glass to help keep the entry way cool. You might want to consider the overall style of your home, keep in mind the curb appeal you are going for and also the impression you want to make in the interior of your home. This might have one of the biggest determining factors if you want a door with windows is whether or not it will improve the look and feel of your house.

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