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Top 5 Things NOT to Do With Your Front Door

When thinking about your new Uberdoor front door here are a few things to consider not doing, the mistakes some people make with their front door. Most are common and one might surprise you…especially #1! Let’s have fun with it….

1. Black Door- a feng shui faux pas


There are a lot of homes that do actually have a black front door and while it looks like a great option and a classic, clean choice for a front door on many different styles of homes you may want to consider the following: a feng shui faux pas is having a black front door. Chinese superstition is that a black front door will invite bad luck if it faces any direction but north. Check which direction your front door faces!

2. Duct Tape Messages


As tempting as it may be, duct taping your door with a special message just is not the thing to do for your beautiful front door.

3. Front Door Bank


No matter where you live, this is just not a good idea to leave money on your door. I think we can all guess why. Never leave even an envelope with money in it for someone on a door. Find a planter to slide it under or a secret hiding place. If you really must leave money somewhere for someone, plan a safe place to leave it.

4. Shoes Deposit


Many people, nowadays, like to leave their shoes at the door when they visit which is kind and thoughtful but….leaving piles of shoes at the door just looks busy and messy. You want your new Uber door to be highlighted not littered looking. Grab a great shoe shelf or massive shoe basket and your cluttered shoe deposit in taken care of.

5. Leaving the Door Open


No matter where you live, leaving your front door open is not a good idea. Inviting people to just walk into your home might result in an uninvited guest you don’t want visiting you. Fresh air and a cool breeze are most desirable but don’t leave your front door wide open unless you have a great locking screen door.

Some are obvious but some are not. These top 5 things of what NOT to do with your front door brought to you by Krosswood.

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