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What Does Your Door Say About You?

Among the many personality traits and habits we have how we choose certain types of elements of our homes says a lot about our personality. Though these descriptions are not set in stone they are fun, like astrology readings, you can take a minute to see what kind of fun person you are according to your door!

Rustic Wood


If your door is made of wood and has that rustic knotty look you are generally a more outdoorsy type of person, You enjoy long walks in the woods or on a wooded trail. You stop to smell the roses and listen to the birds chirping. You are more patient with life’s ups and downs. Yours is a calm and satisfied personality. You don’t take many risks and enjoy a more wholesome lifestyle. Family relationships are important to you and your home is a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. You do not focus on time often and the world is your oyster. Being late does not stress you out much. If your home is messy you don’t worry too much but you do have great ability to keep a clean home.



You have a fun personality! You like to go to parties and dance the night away. You live on the edge sometimes taking risks when they seem fruitful. You love the city and all that it has to offer. You are friendly and outgoing but you do use caution when meeting new people. You are witty and attractive to others. Though there is a part of you that is protective and cautious you also like to do daring things like occasional bungee jumping or rock climbing. You are fun to be around and are always up for a fun time. Sometimes, you are a bit anal retentive but not to a fault. You always keep appointments and pride yourself about being on time. Your home is pretty clean and organized and you like it that way!

Painted Wood


You are creative and love to do your own projects. When something seems hard you jump right in and go for it. Making things look perfect is not as important for you because having just a little imperfection makes your style pop! You are very friendly but tend to shy back when there are large gatherings of people. You listen well to your friends and like to help others. You are thoughtful and can cheer anyone up with your amazing sense of compassion and love. You are a nurturer by nature and probably have more than one child in your home, if you have children. You have a hard time being organized and finishing projects but your heart is huge and you put forth good effort. Your home might not always be clean but it is a welcoming place and people love to come and visit you.



Business is your strength. You are quick to make a deal and find a deal but fair in all your dealings. You love to hunt down and obtain the best buy and drive a hard bargain when you want to. You are precise in how you organize and budget your money. You can be a big spender if the deal suits you and you know in the end you will win big too. You are flexible with your schedule and don’t mind being late but if a meeting is crucial you will make it on time no matter what. You worry about the future but are conscientious of others too. You plan for things that might happen and think about the future pretty consistently. More often than not, you are a bit of a prepper but not fanatical. You have an average amount of children but would have more if it felt right. Your home is usual organized and you love to deep clean when you are thinking deeply about something.

Regardless of your door you really are an awesome person. Maybe these fit you are not but wasn’t it fun to read them? Enjoy life and realize there are so many different types of people out there and you never know who is behind their door!

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