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Close That Door

You have just outfitted your whole home in beautiful new doors…but wait! There is something missing. Door closers will finish off your front door with style.


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A door closer is this really nifty device that automatically closes your door behind you! Don’t worry; there is a feature that can be used to keep the door open, if you want the door open, as well. This is something you most often see in commercial buildings but they are becoming more popular in domestic homes. These are geared just for the millennial busy lifestyle.


Installing a door closer will eliminate all those slammed doors and all of the unclosed doors that just…happen. Have you ever left home quickly to take the kids to school or ran an errand and discovered as you got home that your front door is wide open? Oops! Someone did not close the door all of the way, did they? You know we have all done it. Ensure your doors get closed by installing a door closer. They are not just for commercial buildings and with the looks you can find today there is one that will fit your style.


A door closer is actually pretty simple to install yourself. This is the perfect DIY project even for the least handy person out there. It just takes a few measurements and a good screw gun and you are well on your way to a securely closed door.

Who and Where?

Any door and any home can have a door closer! Why not think about those pesky doors that get left open all of the time. The pantry door is one of those fun ones that kids leave wide open more than once a day. Why not save yourself grief and install a door closer? You would never even see it from the outside. Your kitchen cabinets have this new feature to close automatically so now your pantry door can get in on the awesome action.

A door closer is not just for churches and malls anymore, you can install one in your home and reap the benefits every single day.

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