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Matching door style to your home

picking the right door style during construction

Matching door style to your home

When selecting entry doors, it is important to try matching door style to your home. Selecting the doors for your home is one of the biggest decisions impacting the overall curb appeal of a new home, and one should not take the decision lightly. While we can't tell you the exact door to select that will match your personal style, here are some considerations to keep in mind that we've found helpful for other customers. First, consider the architectural design of your home when choosing a front door. Is it classical, Romanesque, post-modern, or another specific style? Also consideration to remember is the set-up of your home's entryway. If the door leads to a dark hallway, consider using glass side panels to let natural light into the home. Use the images from our site to consider what style works best for your house or room. You will find arch top, craftsman, full and half lite, rustic and square top doors in both interior and exterior styles. Also, our configurable doors will allow you to hand-design the door that will perfectly match your home.

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