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Doors Around The World

Looking at doors from around the world is good inspiration for your own home. Here are several doors that not only inspire but show personality of the country they are from:


This blue door located in Bali shows an artful design with the accent wood trim around the door. The fact that it is surrounded by brick and the door has two locks on the outside, one ancient and one modern is an interesting contradiction, it looks as if they are trying to keep something safe inside. The color of blue on the door is now viewed as a very modern color, which is just history repeating itself. Looking at this door leaves us wanting to know the story behind the door and the building it belongs to.


A door located in Morocco that is very reflective of the culture and architecture. Some of the interesting features of this door are the material that seems to have weathered which has added character, along with the knocker and the missing door knob. The contrasting color of the building along with the planters and vegetation are great elements to make the door really stand out from the building.


The door found here is located in Greece. The soft pastel chosen for the door is in stark contrast to the vegetation to the buildings wall that is covered in a thick deep red vegetation. The archway over the door is a nice accent to building along with the iron rod that cover the windows on the door. Don’t forget to look up and see the small peachy window that overlooks the front entryway, along with the colorful drapes.


Russia brings us many interesting architectural artifacts, and this door is one of them. The very bright and bold lines on the building is well in line with the door that has been chosen for this entry way. The straight traditional lines are perfect for the grand entrance on this door.

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