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10 More Upcycled Old Doors

With the summer season halfway over DIY projects have been underway for many weeks now. If installing a new 24×72 pre hung door on your home is one of your projects then you’ll be left with an old door on your hands. Don’t be too quick to toss that old door in the trash, it could be upcycled into another piece of furniture or décor that will beauty and practicality to your home. Here are just a few ideas you could try.

1. Weathered Hallway Seating

It’s always pleasant to have a place to sit when first coming in the door, and this seat provides plenty of room for shoes, soccer balls, and book bags.


2. Doorway to Imagination Bookshelf

This bookshelf will have you ready to open the door to magical worlds in the books it holds.


3. Plant Potting Station

With its classy, old-fashioned sink, full shelves, and room to work; this potting station makes a perfect spot for a gardener to transplant, tend seedlings, and prune their potted plants.


4. ReDone Room Divider

Whether you live in a studio apartment or simply want a private corner in a family room, this room divider can provide privacy with shabby chic style.


5. Going Green Greenhouse

Here’s a way to use old doors as well as old windows. This whimsical garden greenhouse will add beauty to any backyard landscape.


6. Recycled Playhouse

The bright colors and simple shape of this little playhouse is appealing and easy for children to use. If you are replacing more than one door, you can have your children help you with this project by inviting them to paint the doors while you build the structure.


7. Mix-n-Match Garden Shed

This clever little shed makes use of both doors and windows to create the perfect place to store rakes, hoes, and a lawn mower. Notice how all of the doors are different dimensions.


8. Bohemian Beverage Bar

This unusual beverage bar will be the talk of your summer parties. With a bottle opener, shelves for mixed drink supplies and glasses, as well as a place for ice, this will provide you with years of service.


9. Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet

This cabinet is a lovely way to use old doors to show off the fiesta ware you inherited from your grandma or your collection of wooden spoons and white ware.


10. High Rise Renovation

This might be well beyond the average homeowner’s recycling efforts. This apartment building in South Korea is covered in 1,000 upcycled door. Just don’t try using these doors!


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